What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Have you ever noticed that an outdoor basketball court’s rim is thicker than one in your driveway? There are some playgrounds with basketball courts that have double rims instead of just one. In the NBA, players must perfect their shooting skills to get the ball into the hoop, which sounds easier than it is.

Why do public courts have double-rim hoops instead of single-rim hoops? Is it harder to make a jump shot or a layup against a double rim hoops? The following is a complete breakdown of double rim basketball hoops.

Why are there Double Rim Basketball Hoops?

Due to their strength against outdoor elements, double rim basketball hoops are standard in outdoor basketball courts. With rain, sleet, snow, wind, and other outdoor conditions, a single rim would not last as long as a double rim.

In addition to being more durable against weather conditions, a double rim can also withstand extreme play, such as basketball players hanging off the rim during a slam dunk.

Why are there Single Rim Hoops?

In places like an indoor gym or your driveway, single room hoops are the norm. It is easier to get the basketball into the hoop when you shoot with a single rim than with a double rim.

Aside from the single ring being easier to score, the main difference is the price. There will always be a price difference between a double ring hoop and a single rim hoop.

Is it Harder to Shoot Baskets into a Double Rim Hoop?

If you play pick-up basketball with a double rim, your shooting ability may suffer, which might demoralize you. If you play basketball on a double rim instead of a single rim hoop, your shot percentage may drop due to the thickness of the edge.

On a breakaway, a soft layup may bounce against the double rim, preventing it from going in. When a bank shot rattles around the edge instead of going in, the same thing can happen. Occasionally, it might seem that the only way to get the ball into the hoop is with a perfect arc.

How Should You Shoot Against a Double Rim Hoop?

A good shooting touch is essential when playing basketball on a double rim hoop. Shooting hard against the backboard on a bank shot won’t give you any advantage with the double rim hoop. Similarly, you can use the backboard to guide the ball into the hoop on a fast breakaway.

With a double rim, players must improve their shooting skills to land the ball precisely in the hoop. Swish shots should be practiced close range and gradually moved away from the basket. You will develop muscle memory by practicing how hard you need to shoot a basket from certain distances.

Free throw attempts are another way to practice shooting against a double rim hoop. You should ideally swish your free throws into the circle. Basketball shooting fundamentals can be learned by practicing arcing your shot consistently.

Are There Any Advantages to Playing on a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

When practicing your shooting form on a double rim basketball hoop, you have a few advantages over a single rim circle. You cannot entirely rely on the backboard to soften a shot when playing on a double rim, so you need to learn how to shoot directly into the basket. A standard rim can absorb the ball on a backboard bounce, but a double rim won’t be as forgiving, making it less likely for the ball to go into the hoop.

Players need to learn how to arc their shots to counteract the lack of rim absorption. You can play on either a single rim or double rim hoop by giving the ball a proper arc so it lands through the hoop as a swish.

You can also improve your ability to respond to rebounds by playing on a double rim hoop. As this thicker rim will yield more misses, there will be more opportunities to recover the rebound. Mastering the skill of recovering the rebound can make you one of your team’s best basketball players.

When to Use a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Basketball hoops with double rims are popular in parks for outdoor play. It can withstand most outdoor elements and hold up against slam dunks and rough play.

Does the NBA Use a Double Rim Hoop?

In 1985-2009, the NBA used the Gared Snap Back Goal, a single rim goal. Spalding Arena Pro 180 Goals have been used by the NBA since 2010. Due to its 180-degree breakaway, this double rim can withstand powerful dunks from NBA players.

NBA players must have perfect form when they shoot a basket with a double rim. If you make a mistake on a shot with a double rim, your score might not count. The NBA standard for a rim is between 20-35% via absorption, which means errant shots might not count.

Does NCAA Basketball Use a Double Rim Hoop?

Like the NBA, NCAA basketball (men’s and women’s) uses a double rim hoop. The rim type, however, is different from the NBA, according to Journal Now. During NCAA basketball games, NBA arenas add an extra rim with an energy absorption of 43%, making it easier to put the ball in the basket.

Conclusion: What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop

When you shoot, a double rim makes it slightly more difficult to get the ball into the hoop. Due to their durability and weather resistance, double rim basketball hoops are more common in outdoor playgrounds. Since they are less expensive and easier to make a shot, single rim hoops are popular for playing in driveways or at local gyms.

The NBA uses double-rims, which limit the players’ options on errant shots. Due to the double rim’s low energy absorption, certain shots will bounce right out of the hoop if they are not perfect. A three-point shot attempt that isn’t perfect usually results in these balls bouncing out.

However, double rim basketball hoops are an excellent way to practice your shooting skills, even if you sometimes play on single rim hoops.

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