What Does BB Mean in Baseball?

What Does BB Mean in Baseball?

There’s been lots of speculation over the meaning of the abbreviation “BB” in baseball. Some people say it stands for “baseball,” while others claim that it means “best batter.” But there is actually only one true definition. The abbreviation “BB” refers to a player who strikes out four times during an inning and ends up … Read more

How Long Is NBA Halftime?

How Long Is NBA Halftime?

Basketball games usually have a break between periods. Gameplay usually ends at halftime, a break that is placed at the end of half-time so the second half of the game can begin. This time off is absolutely necessary for players and fans to recharge, recover, and re-focus in order to maintain peak performance during the … Read more

Top NBA Players of All Time

Top NBA players of all time

Top NBA players of all time? The NBA has been around since 1946. In that time, we have witnessed some of the greatest athletes of all time duke it out on the court. There have been different styles of play that crossed over several different eras. Today, shooters dominate the sport, but it was only … Read more

Shortest NBA Player of All Time

Shortest NBA Player

Shortest NBA Player of All Time. High-flyers Blake Griffin and LeBron James have been filling up highlight reels with monster dunks this season. Large, athletic players have always captivated our attention with dizzying displays of power and height. Players on the opposite end of the size spectrum have also caught our attention. Most fans can relate to … Read more

How Many Rings Does jr Smith Have?

How Many Rings Does jr Smith Have

J.R. Smith has won two NBA championships — and now has another accomplishment under his belt in North Carolina. How Many Rings Does jr Smith Have? The former professional basketball player said he earned a 4.0 GPA in his first semester at N.C. A&T State University is a historically black college in Greensboro. “Grades are … Read more

What Is ERA in Baseball? How to Calculate it

What is ERA in Baseball

What is ERA in Baseball? For about as long as baseball has been played, players, coaches, and fans have pondered how to properly evaluate players. As times change, the methods of evaluating players have evolved. Since pitchers tend to come under the most scrutiny of any position and are generally considered to be the most … Read more