Best Football Cleats for Skill Positions in 2022

Best Football Cleats: Wearing football cleats that fit properly and deliver plenty of traction is crucial to avoiding injuries and performing your best on the field. But with lots of cleats on the market, it’s tough to find the right ones for your preferences and needs. Here are the best football cleats to help you up to your game.

Best Overall: Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Football Cleats

One of the most well-constructed and comfortable cleats on the market, the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 cleats are a versatile choice for quarterbacks, receivers, linebackers, and many more positions. Designed for speed, these durable cleats have a wide stud layout to give you stellar traction and support to pull off game-changing moves.

An internal full-foot plate provides flexibility, while the stretchy, breathable cuff wraps your ankle for added support and comfort. The unique Ghost lacing system tightens with just one quick pull and stays hidden for a clean, sleek look. Choose from a wide selection of standard or bold colors, and get ready to show your stuff on the gridiron.

Best Budget: Nike Vapor Edge Shark Football Cleats

These versatile cleats featurethe high quality and durability you expect from Nike, without a steep price tag. The synthetic upper provides a comfortable, snug fit, while the Nike Fastflex technology allows for astounding responsiveness and flexibility. Ideal for turf or grass, these affordable cleats have an aggressive rubber outsole to help you dig in for explosive speed on the gridiron.

Best Fit: Adidas Adizero Primeknit Cleats

Featuring a secure, engineered fit, the Adidas Adizero Primeknit cleats help prevent lateral sliding or slippage when players are cutting and running on the field. The extended lacing system cradles the midfoot and provides excellent stability, while the lightweight design helps you stay agile and nimble.

Built for speed, the Adizero Primeknit cleats have a Sprintframe plate with Sprintstuds and a rotational traction zone for outstanding grip.

Best High-Cut: Under Armour Highlight MC Football Cleats

Linemen, defensive players, and any player with a history of ankle injuries will appreciate the support and glove-like fit of this high-cut Under Armour Highlight MC football cleats. Much like boxing footwear or a lace-up ankle brace, the design provides exceptional support and stability, without a lot of added weight.

The synthetic material is light and breathable, so you can be quick and nimble. Additionally, the Clutch Fit technology delivers great flexibility and maneuverability, allowing players to turn on a dime. UA’s molded 4D footbed technology conforms to your foot’s exact shape, for a custom, ultra-comfortable fit that helps eliminate slippage.

Best Mid-Cut: Nike Force Savage Pro 2 Mid Football Cleats

Mid-cut cleats offer the ideal balance ofmaneuverability, speed, and stability, making them a popular and versatile choice for football players. These lightweight but durable cleats from Nike give you everything you need on the field.

The internal pads cup your heel, so your feet don’t slip and slide as you cut back and forth. The cleat’s webbing and Velcro straps also help lock you in, while the synthetic leather upper enhances its support and durability. With colors that pop, these attractive cleats will definitely make you stand out on the field.

Best for Speed: Adidas Adizero Scorch Football Cleats

Engineered to keep you quick and light on your feet, the Adidas Adizero Scorch football cleats let you dig into out-run opponents on the field. The durable, laminated upper hugs the foot for exceptional comfort, while also providing lightweight support. A stabilizing outsole with Sprintstuds enhances your traction, allowing you to make sharp turns and accelerate to the end zone.

Best Football Cleats
Best Football Cleats

Best for Wide Feet: Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM Wide Football Cleats

If you find some football cleats to be too narrow and tight, you’ll appreciate the extra space in these Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM Wide football cleats. With an engineered synthetic upper, full-length EVA midsole, and breathable textile lining, these shoes deliver the comfort you need for long practices and game days.

Supportive and durable, they cover all the basics you need in quality, high-performance pair of cleats.

Best Detachable: Under Armour Men’s Hammer D Football Shoe

These lightweight yet supportive cleats are exactly what linemen need to up their game. The mid-cut provides good ankle support with plenty of mobility, while the full-length cushioned midsole gives you stellar comfort and shock absorption. You also get remarkable traction from the detachable studs, which can be replaced when worn down, extending the life of your cleats.

Best for Backs: Adidas Adizero New Reign Football Cleats

Lightweight and fast, the Adizero New Reign football cleats are a solid choice for backs on both sides of the field. The Sprintframe plate along with the woven upper provide ample support without a lot of added weight, keeping you quick on your feet. An outsole with Sprintstuds provides the exceptional lockdown and traction needed to dominate the line of scrimmage.

Best for Linemen: Nike Force Savage Varsity 2 Football Cleats

Known for their powerful bursts of speed and quick, twisting moves, linemen need cleats that offer exceptional traction and ankle stability. With the right amount of support and plenty of grip for play on either turf or grass, the Nike Force Savage Varsity cleats are an ideal choice for linemen.

The internal padding and webbed lacing system lock you in, delivering a secure, comfortable fit. The shoe features a durable, synthetic upper and a lightweight TPU plate on the boot that enhances mobility and acceleration, so you can dominate the line of scrimmage. Available in various colors, these cleats can mesh with any team color scheme.

With the ideal combination of comfort, fit, and traction, the Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 cleats are a step above the competition. Durable and versatile, they provide the support and flexibility that players at all different positions need. If you’re looking for a high-quality, inexpensive option for youth football players, you can’t go wrong with Under Armour’s Hammer Mid RM football cleats.

What to Look for in Football Cleats

Type (High-Cut, Low-Cut, Mid-Cut)

The cut of the cleat, from below the ankle (low-cut) to above the ankle (high-cut), can make a huge difference. Cleats that hit at the ankle (mid-cut) are definitely the most versatile and preferred type, but you may want to go with another cut depending on your position, injury history, and desired level of support and maneuverability.

Midsole and Outsole

The midsole, or footbed, should have plenty of cushioning to provide comfort and absorb shock and impact. For traction and stability, look for cleats with excellent grip on the outsole, or tip of the shoe.


Your cleats should be snug and comfortable, but not too tight. You should be able to move your toes within the shoe. Some football cleats are narrow, so look for wide sizes if you need some extra space.


Some players prefer leather cleats because they’re durable, comfortable, and have a glove-like fit. Synthetic cleats are less breathable and don’t form around the foot as leather does. However, they’re still very supportive and less expensive, so they’re a good choice for kids who tend to quickly outgrow their cleats.

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