Improving The Sports Fan Experience

Infographic Provided By Season Ticket Resale Company, TiqAssist Catching a game surrounded by thousands of cheering fans or from the comfort of your own couch is a great — and potentially beneficial — pastime. Not only could the comradery help boost someone’s mood, but also it can provide a sense of belonging and forge a … Read more

Things To Consider Before Selecting A Sporting Goods Store 

Sporting Goods Store

With the rising awareness and consciousness for health and sports, the demand for sporting goods stores has also risen. The shifts in perspectives towards health and physical activity have played a massive role in the popularity of these stores.  These stores’ rising demands and perks have ultimately smoothened the lives of many sports enthusiasts. But, … Read more

What is a Driving Range in Golf?

What is a Driving Range in Golf

Golfers practice different golf shots on a driving range, which is a large open field. The yardage marks on the fairway indicate how far the golfer is hitting the ball from where they tee off. At the driving range, players can practice their short game, tee off their shots, chip shots, and work on their … Read more

What is a Double Switch in Baseball?

What is a Double Switch in Baseball

It is the responsibility of a baseball manager to know and understand the game’s rules. Since pitchers will bat in the National League as of 2021, managers need to be familiar with the Double Switch rule. A Double Switch differs from a traditional substitute player taking the place of another batter, runner, or defenseman. In … Read more

What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop

Have you ever noticed that an outdoor basketball court’s rim is thicker than one in your driveway? There are some playgrounds with basketball courts that have double rims instead of just one. In the NBA, players must perfect their shooting skills to get the ball into the hoop, which sounds easier than it is. Why … Read more

Tiger Global backs Accrue Savings in $25m Series B

In a Series A funding round led by Tiger Global, the shopping experience platform Accrue Savings has raised $25 million in funding. In addition to Aglaé Ventures, Maple Ventures, and executives such as UPS CEO Carol Tomé and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, the round also saw participation from Aglaé Ventures, Maple Ventures, and others. As … Read more

What is a Doubleheader in Baseball?

What is a Doubleheader in Baseball

In person or on TV, catching a nine-inning baseball game can be magical for some. The game of baseball brings a sense of calm and nostalgia to some fans. So you might be wondering if there are double games between two teams during a season? My friend, that is a doubleheader, and the post below … Read more